Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hi All,
  Here is a great way to use that black nail polish after Halloween, super cute little penguins!

Step 1- Black base coat, I’m using Avon’s Licorice Nail Pro+.

Step2- A small white half circle at the base of your nail, I’m using Avon’s Prompt and Pearly Speed Dry+.

Step3- Two small white dots above the half circle.

Step 4- A yellow triangle in the space between the eyes and the belly, I’m using Avon’s Sunshine Nailwear  Pro.

Step5- 2 more yellow triangles for feet. 

Step6- Black dots for eyes and then it's time to dry.

Remember sometimes the real beauty is in the imperfections. So don’t stress if your shapes don’t come out perfect.

Laura, Your Avon Lady

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