Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to cheat at simple swirls

Hi All,
Ok so I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of swirl polish nails and maybe you tryed it too. I tryed and it was to frustrating because it dryed to quickly, or smudged, or just took to long to dry. I'm a busy person and don't have an hour or two to play with my nails then have them get ruined.  So here is the serect way I came up with.
You'll need: plan acrylic nails ($1-$5), an artist kneaded eraser ($1 craft store), a fine tip eyeliner brush ( $1 dollar store), and a couple of your favorite nail polishes. I used Avon nailwear pro+ berry smooth, viva pink, and smooth beginnings as a top coat.

From your eraser into a base, you can reform it as much as you want along the way, and put the first nail onthe base. The eraser will stick to the nail.

Choose your base color, this color will be more prominent.  Apply base color to the acrylic nail like you would to your own nail.

Use eyeliner brush and make 3 dots of your secondary color on top of wet base color, then swirl the secondary color around  the nail. It will look bumpy and that's ok.

Apply your top coat while the nail is still wet and then let it completely dry ( 5-10 minutes).

You can now remove the nail and repeat for the rest of the nails. Then attach the finished acrylics to clean dry nails with nail glue or ultra tabs ($3 at Wal-Mart)

Laura, Your Avon Lady

If you get more the one eraser you can do multiple nails at the same time.

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